Anne Miner is an International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Executive Coach and long time Business Owner. Since 1987, Anne’s trusted expertise on business excellence has made her a highly-respected woman of influence. But it is her ability to use her deeply-rooted values, unwavering determination, and multitude of experiences that attracts many who seek her pro­fessional guidance. She has successfully empowered many “to go over, under, around or through the obstacles on any path… and to be courageous in pursuing dreams.”

With more than 25 years leading her own company, The Dunvegan Group, Anne brings  experience and perspective, as well as innovative approaches to leadership. Her mission is to support women in developing and mastering leadership skills, and the confidence to apply them in business and in life, so the world will enjoy the full spectrum of talent, skills and abilities present in our human population.

About The Broadcast

Encouraging Leadership: Conversations to Mobilize Today's Women Leaders makes the wisdom of today’s leaders accessible to women wishing to develop and polish leadership skills for application in business and in life. Accomplished women and men share their experience and insights in conversations intended to inspire, support and mobilize exceptional women leaders.

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