We create niche-TV within media and technology. Expect content not  normally not seen on traditional TV. Our technology is low cost, so we don't have requirements for massive audience to keep the shows on air. 

The shows are made by enthusiasts that are dedicated to their interests either professionally or as a pure passion.

The shows are in Norwegian and our target audience is Scandinavian's all over the world.

Our shows is made possible with Wirecast, Wirecast ToolBox, Hangouts and Skype.

About The Broadcast

Dataprat started May 2010 and is led by Jan Espen Pedersen and Einar Holten. With our passion for computers, games and IT in general we decided to start a show to keep you up to date on Technology

We especially want to promote Norwegian projects, and we love to talk to interesting people who are startups/entrepreneurs and have good projects.

Sosial direkte started October 2012 and is Norway's first ever live show about social media. We cover all things in the news and trends within social media. All made possible by great and knowledgeable guests.
The show airs Wednesdays and show hosts are Morten Myrstad and Jan Espen Pedersen

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