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About The Broadcast

Zombie Popcorn offers a variety of programming. 

The current show line up is as follows;

  • This Non-Religious Life
    Records Live every Monday at 12 Noon Eastern

    This Non-Religious Life is an extension of the Zombie Popcorn netcast, this weekly one hour show hosted by Ken, Jason and Bob highlights particular aspects of religious faith and the irreligious movement.

    You can find This Non-Religious Life on StitcheriTunes, and of course, on Zombie Popcorn.
  • Coalesce
    Records bi-monthly 

    Coalesce, which means ‘to unite so as to form one mass, community, etc.,’ is a show that brings two unlikely groups together, an anarchist atheist and an evangelical Christian.  The goal is to work on uniting on issues they have in common, in hopes to overcome some of the worlds biggest issues – Human trafficking.

    They will challenge each other and their world view, to find a solution that everyone can work with to help free  the 2.5 million people who are in forced labor, the sex-slave industry (including sexual exploitation), and all the other levels of human trafficking.

    What happens when an evangelical Christian and an anarchist atheist get together to try and solve the world’s problems?

    Tune in to find out.

    You can find Coalesce on Stitcher iTunes, and of course, on Zombie Popcorn.

  • The Talking Dead 
    Records bi-monthy live on Sat at 7pm Eastern

    The Talking Dead is a two-hour show that focuses on mainstream and underground culture. The Talking Dead features interviews with directors, writers, alien aductees, demonologists, and anyone we find interesting.

    You can find The Talking Dead on Stitcher iTunes, and of course, on Zombie Popcorn.

  • The New Architects 
    records randomly

    The New Architects is a project of a new structure to give a new light on an old subject – Anarchy.

    Over the years, the teachings and actions of those who believe have been removed from the mainstream thought and covered with misinformation and/or labeled as ‘punk’.

    The many levels of Anarchy reach further than one culture or lifestyle. There is a rich, deep history that is being lost along with the works of individuals and groups, from around the world, who strive to improve their lives and the lives of the people (and animals) around them.

    It is the goal of ‘The New Architects’ to seek out individuals and groups who work, in their everyday lives, to bring forth the ideas of what is defined as Anarchy and open up a dialogue between people in hope to inspire others.

    As the definition of what anarchy is will differ from person to person, it is not our goal to give a definition but to give strength and inspiration to those who work to improve a system that is broken.

    The New Architects are individuals and communities that make a difference in the way we view the world.

    You can find The New Architects on StitcheriTunes , and of course, on Zombie Popcorn.

  • Natural Ones 

    Natural Ones is a Dungeons and Dragons gaming show.

    Creeping through the dark tunnel you wish you had packed more than just the one sun-rod as its glow and comfort began to fade. You have made the tragic mistake of splitting the party and venturing on your own, but what could you do? There was treasure to be had. Unfortunately the gold in your sack will not quiet the grumbling in your belly, how long have you been down in these tunnels? Days? Weeks? All you know is the dark, and the madness that comes with it. Your sun-rod fades out, and the darkness envelops you, and in your last moments you feel a dark presence gazing upon you, and you know... It's the Natural Ones Podcast.

    You can find Natural Ones on StitcheriTunes, and of course, on Zombie Popcorn.

  • The Official Podcast of MarsCon 

    MarsCon is the largest Sci-fi convention in Virginia. Zombie Popcorn gives you an ALL ACCESS pass to the everything amazing that makes up MarsCon – the people, the panels, the entertainment – you name it we will cover it!

    You can find The Offiical Podcast of MarsCon on Stitcher , iTunes, and of course, on Zombie Popcorn.

Live Events

  • Sharon Needles

    Sharon Needles' 'Every Night is Halloween Ball'  live performance in Norfolk, Virginia

    Sharron Needles is an American drag performer. A self described "stupid genius, reviled sweetheart, and PBR princess", Needles rose to prominence on the fourth season of the Logo reality competition series, RuPaul's Drag Race where she quickly became a fan favorite and media darling, lauded for her refreshing alternative "spooky" aesthetic and self-deprecating humor, and was subsequently crowned "America's Next Drag Superstar" in April 2012.
  • Cazwell and Alaska ThvnderFvck 5000

    Cazwell and Alaska Thvnderfvck 5000 interview and Pride after party performance in Norfolk, Virginia. (Aug 18, 2012)

    Zombie Popcorn documents for the first time ever, anywhere an interview and performance of DJ/songwriter Cazwell and drag queen extraordinaire, Alaska ThvnderFvck 5000. 

On going projects

  • Zombie Popcorn Stories 
    We all love listening to stories and most of us enjoy stories about people’s lives.  So now, Zombie Popcorn invites you to share YOUR stories about things that YOU care about so we can hear and learn from each other. Your story can change lives.

    Fashion Victims – As we grow older fashion seems to become a main focus of our daily lives. No matter how much we fight against it we know that our clothes seem to represent who we are and how we see ourselves and more times than not, it means how others view us.

    Lost Karma - Most people, no matter what faith or lifestyle choices they made, believe in some form of karma. Most live their lives believing that they should act in responsible ways. That they should act in a way towards other people that would reflect the way they, themselves would like to be treated.  Some believe that creating good deeds will bring good deeds in return to themselves.

    Life Lessons - Life lessons come to you in odd ways but the message holds true.

    The Life of a Carny – The story of a man who ran away from home at a young age to become a carny – this is his story.

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  • Airwaves: Björk Digital

    October 22, 2016


    [tab_group] [tab title="VR"] Gearing up for Airwaves, Zombie Popcorn has mapped out the bands to see during the first three days and raved about our excitement to attend the opening of the Pönksafn Íslands / The Icelandic Punk Museum. My excitement doesn't end there. For those who know me and been a fan of Zombie Popcorn for a while knows that I am obsessed with 3D films, media, and that obsession is only challenged by my obsession with Virtual Reality (VR). I am so obsessed with 3D and VR, that I started hosting 3D podcasts (with hopes to one day host them in VR), how fucking boring is that - watching me and my guests speak into a microphone in 3D. I didn't care, I love 3D! So what does this have to do with Airwaves? Well, this year Björk is playing Airwaves, but that is not all. She is bringing Björk Digital to Airwaves with her. Björk Digital is the acclaimed exhibition of virtual reality videos for songs from Björk’s last album, 'Vulnicura'. According to Harpa's website (the venue that will host the exhibit), "Björk is an artist constantly experimenting with new expressions by introducing cutting edge technology to her music. She believes that the latest VR technology can connect her and the audience intimately; in a different way than CDs or live concerts could, it is a new type of private theatre that provides an appropriate sense of one on one solitude for you to experience music as never before. Björk’s “heartbreak saga” album “Vulnicura” was born from the extremely personal event that it is to break up with someone, and then turned that into VR for this exhibition, “Björk Digital” --an on-going project that explores the possibilities of VR and music. ...The exhibition also allows you to interactively experience the multimedia album “Biophilia”; An album with songs turned into applications that is being used in the educational curriculum in Scandinavia, whose theme is the confluence of nature, music and technology. Additionally, 29 songs from Björk’ career have been remastered in 5.1ch sound especially for this exhibition. You can enjoy them in chronological order in the Cinema Room. Björk says “an artist’s work is to put soul into technology”. That is certainly achieved in this exhibition that has already travelled to Australia, Japan and in October to Somerset House in London. The Björk Digital show in Harpa is the largest edition of the show and includes it´s newest addition, Family Room."" How freaking exciting is this moment and Zombie Popcorn will be there to cover every detail of this exhibit. Stay tuned for our report back and in the meantime, here are some 360 Björk videos. Björk: Stonemilker (360 degree virtual reality) Björk 'Family VR' Teaser Björk: Mouth Mantra (VR Video from Inside the Mouth of Björk) Björk: black lake [/tab] [/tab_group]

  • Airwaves: Who to See on the First Three Days

    October 21, 2016


    [tab_group] [tab title="Punk"] Iceland Airwaves is two weeks away and the anticipation is growing every moment.  We are excited to partner with Ragnaarbastiaan to bring you on-site coverage of Airwaves.  This year is going to be jammed packed with full-on awesomeness. To start things off, we will be attending (and covering) the opening of Pönksafn Íslands / The Icelandic Punk Museum. The museum salutes the Icelandic punk and new wave scene that started in Iceland in 1978.  It doesn't stop there, John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten will be hosting the opening of Pönksafn Íslands and performing at Airwaves. With all the activities going on, I want to take a moment to highlight the bands that Zombie Popcorn will for sure attend their shows.  These are the bands for the first three days. Stay tuned for the list for the remaining dates and interviews. John Lydon Tófa Sykur Reykjavíkurdætur Alvia Islandia Prins Póló Of Monsters And Men Björk Berndsen [/tab] [/tab_group]

  • 3 Zombie Themes to Boost Your Next Fundraiser

    October 21, 2016

    halloween festival illustration and background

    [tab_group] [tab title="Zombie"] The apex of zombie popularity is fast approaching — Halloween and the return of AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead after last season's suspenseful cliffhanger. There’s no shortage of zombie flicks being released from Hollywood, and zombies still remain one of the top Halloween costumes every year. If there was ever a time to host your next fundraiser using a killer zombie theme, it would be now. But hold on just a second. Before you watch Night of the Living Dead and start printing invitations for a zombie gathering, look to some of these fun and creative ideas to make your next event both memorable and effective — and for a good cause.

    The Zombie Crawl

    There are three key stereotypes for zombies — they’re dead, they want to eat you and, with the exception of 28 Days Later, they walk very slowly. For this reason, a zombie-themed bar crawl is the perfect idea to get the genre fans out to lurk around town and enjoy a few brews during the revelry.
    • First, check with your local city hall for any necessary permits.
    • Contact bars and pubs in the area where you want to crawl to see if they will offer specials for your fundraiser.
    • Sell wristbands to unlock drink and food deals for walking dead participants.
    • Capture the moment and post, post, post! Invest in a good smartphone, like the iPhone 6, whose camera takes supreme photos and videos. This is your essential social media marketing tool for making a zombie crawl into an annual event and attracting more dead ones to participate in the future.

    Zombie Costume Contest

    When people go all out on a good zombie costume, they go all out. The most dedicated fanatics will spend days on great cosplay, and a costume contest with a cash reward is an enticing way to get the best dead ones in one location for a fun event.
    • Find a venue fit for a party; think industrial with dim lighting.
    • Book food truck and bartending vendors, hire a DJ, decorate with gore, etc.
    • Charge for entry and make sure the cost will cover a big cash prize for a costume contest, along with meeting your fundraising goal.
    • Set up a zombie-themed raffle or charity silent auction.
    • The bigger the party, the bigger the prize, the better the costumes will turn out.

    Zombie Speed Dating

    This one may sound unconventional, but an open mind leads to inventive fundraising. We live in an age where more people are swiping right than actually shaking hands. But old fashioned speed dating, although perhaps an anxious and intimidating experience, is still a fun way to meet people and shake up the dating game. And what better way to let everyone’s guard down than dressing up in ridiculous zombie costumes to make the affair much more relaxed.
    • Structure the event like any normal speed dating event, but include questions centered around zombie movies and zombie apocalyptic survival for daters to get to know one another.
    • Require donations to enter.
    • Make the affair costume-required, so everyone feels comfortable and included.
    • Focus more on fun and less on matchmaking.
    • Bonus: If your organization is a nonprofit, more people would be willing to step out of their comfort zone for a good cause.
    What do these three ideas have in common? Not only will they increase the number of people who want to attend your event, but zombies simply have the fun factor going for them. Whether it’s the uniqueness of speed dating or connecting with people during a bar crawl, this trend will give your next fundraiser a twist to hopefully raise those funds. [/tab] [/tab_group]