Host/Producer of the conservative talk show, Talk Show America.  Talk Show America has been online and also on terrestrial radio since November of 2001.  It is currently heard on several online radio networks.

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  • The Talk Show American 11/16/2019

    November 16, 2019

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    Bad news for the Dems. Trump rises 3.1 million on the first day of the public impeachment hearings !

  • Talk Show America 10/22/2011

    October 22, 2011

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    Ghadaffi is dead ! Who Cares ? Solyndra scandal, Obama admin loans Elec car Co 1/2 billion to make cars in Finland !, The Occupy Wall Street Protester Morons, Obama announces end to Iraq War because his poll numbers suck !

  • Talk Show America 9/8/2011

    September 09, 2011

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    Jimmy SOB Hoffa and Bidens Remarks Against The Tea Party, The MSNBC/Reagan Library Republican Debate, What To Expect From Obama's Job Speech.