It started out innocent enough.  We just want to tallk about horses.  I had just got my first horse in 2005, but my wife had had hers most of her life.  The natural horsemanship movement was gaining popularity, and the more we learned, the more we realized how little we knew.  If only we had learned this years ago.

We decided to start The Whoa Podcast about Horses and Horsemanship to share our experiences with others.  Mostly corney, sometimes funny, we are working diligently to make a better sounding, more informative podcast.

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Join us as we share our experiences of riding, roping, training, cutting, sorting, and just generally exploring the horse world.  We'll talk tack or training, riding or rodeo.  We hope you will come along for the ride.  Even better, we hope you will share your experiences too!  Listen to the Whoa Podcast!

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  • After Show Norco Horse Affair

    October 17, 2017

    After Show Norco Horse Affair


    For a first-time event, the Norco Horse Affair appeared to be a success.  The vendor booths were full.  The clinic arenas were well attended.  The weather in Norco, CA was perfect.

    While we only got to attend the first day, a Friday, we wanted to share our experience and observations.  I got to haul my camera out and take a few photos of the people and places around the grounds

    We ran into riding friends.  There were familiar clinicians like Matt Sheridan and Jerry Tindell.  And, awesome entertainment from the Darden Sisters.  Plus, we met with local author Chuck Morris.  It was a good time.

  • They Called Her Reckless

    October 10, 2017

    Reckless Korean War Horse Marine Hero

     Janet Barrett has written a wonderful account of a Jeju pony "drafted" by the U.S. Marines Fifth Regiment's Recoilless Rifle Platoon. From the racetrack of Korea, Reckless grew into a real-life hero of the Korean War.  On today's show, Janet joins us to share some of the stories about this amazing little horse. We get to know about the background of the men who took a chance on Reckless.  We also gain some insight into how Reckless returned that trust.

    Janet's has written the book, They Called Her Reckless - A True Story of War, Love and One Extraordinary Horse.  It is a fascinating true story of how a horse bonded with her Marine "herd" to become an integral part in the Battle of Outpost Vegas of the Korean War.

    Janet not only tells the story of Reckless' war heroics, but she also paints a wonderful portrait of her personality that endeared her to generals, officers,  and enlisted men alike.  The book covers the life of Reckless based on extensive interviews with over 60 Korean War veterans.  The book is a wonderful read.  Janet is a great storyteller and wonderful interview.  More importantly, Janet offers background on the Korean War, sometimes referred to as The Forgotten War.

    Reckless Korean War Horse Marine Hero

    Returning home to Camp Pendleton in California, Reckless attended ceremonies for the Marine Corp.  She continued receiving promotions and reached the rank of Staff Sergeant before her retirement.  A statue of Reckless charging up a hill stands at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Virginia.

    If you have a soft spot for heartwarming horse stories, you will love the story of Reckless Korean war horse Marine hero.

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  • Tom Moates Equestrian Journalist Author Horseman

    October 03, 2017

    Tom Moates Equestrian Journalist Author Horseman

    Tom MoatesTom Moates is an equestrian journalist.  You may have read one of his articles in Eclectic Horseman, The AQHA Journal, Ranch & Reata, or Western Horseman magazine.  If you have, you may have noticed his special insight into the trials and tribulations of a beginning horseman.  It's because Tom Moates came late in life to horses.  His journey is very similar to mine.  Tom writes frankly about his challenges, wrecks, and the learning curve we all must endure if we choose to coexist with our equine partners.

    Luckily for Tom Moates, he came across trainer Harry Whitney.  That name was unfamiliar to me, but then I'm new to the horse world too.  Tom credits Harry's teaching with really improving his horsemanship.  So much so, that Tom has written several books based on the notes and journals he kept while attending Harry's clinics.

    Tom's 5-book series, Journey into Honest Horsemanship, includes his most popular title A Horse's Thoughts.  The series covers what Tom has learned over the years of working and writing about horses.

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