Line Brunet is a Success Coach and Broadcaster, having started both her practice and online radio/podcast career in 2009. Since then she's gone on to host several podcasts and online radio shows, both independently and network produced.

As her passion for broadcasting grew, Line continued learning, making sure to keep her eyes and ears on the ever-changing media landscape around the various platforms, formats and strategies implemented in the industry. Recognized for her extensive knowledge, Line began being invited as a guest on several podcasts and interviewed for blogs and magazines such as We Are Beautiful and IKSPRES for both her coaching and podcasting expertise.

Always ready for a challenge, Line launched CRAVE radio network in January, 2015 broadcasting live on Bold Radio Station. As CEO of CRAVE she helped small business owners launch their own shows, supporting them to leverage their unique brand through their programs that broadcast live on Bold. A year later Line became co-owner of Bold, effectively using her experience and creativity to grow the station to become profitable, which sold at the end of 2016.

In addition to her coaching and podcast consulting, Line co-created and co-hosts a popular live stream show called Grit & Grace which airs Mondays, here on Mile Hi Radio. More recently, she was recruited as Director of Business Development for Mile Hi, primed to take it into the future of online radio, continuing the mission of building a world-class internet radio station.

About The Broadcast

Grit & Grace is a show that bypasses the BS to take an unfiltered look at life, urging YOU to do the same with your own life while inviting you to be part of the conversation.

Armed with wit and wisdom, we aim to up the ante on what it means to live with grit and grace by sharing stories, strategies and answering YOUR questions about life, love, work and more.

Find us on Facebook at Grit and Grace TV to watch us LIVE!

Hosts - Line Brunet and CJ Ripka

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