I started in entertainment at the age of 17.  The first 20 years of my career in the entertainment business had me working in radio and live events.  I have had the pleasure of working with some great canadian acts and international superstars.  After a 10 year hiatus I returned to form Naked Ape Productions a grass roots internet broadcasting company.  My most popular show is Between The Pages, a comic book and geek culture podcast.

I hope to expand my programming with a variety of entertaining and interesting programs.

About The Broadcast

Between The Pages is a comic book culture based podcast featuring  Richard and Jason (from words and pictures in Calgary, AB), where they discuss the news coming out of Marvel, DC and other comic book companies. They feature reviews on movies, video games, books interviews, and news. The show is broadcast live every Saturday @ 12pm MST on Ustream, Stickam & Join us in the chat room and be a part of the show.

Latest Youtube Video