Robbie Ferguson is the founder of The Category5.TV Network, and the host of their flagship show, Category5 Technology TV.

He is a full-time PHP developer and web app developer, and is married with three kids.  He and the on-air team at Category5 TV present a number of broadcasts every week from their studio in Barrie, Ontario, spanning tech, gaming, faith, nature, and more.

Robbie enjoys cooking, singing, and long walks on hiking trails with his family.

About The Broadcast

Category5 TV began in 2007 and is a one-hour weekly broadcast. It is presented as a live, interactive, web-based “TV”-style program which is designed to offer free technical support to anyone watching.

As an interactive show, viewers ask their questions live on the air.

Category5 TV is available worldwide and viewers are located all around the world.

Category5 TV became a network during its 8th season, branching out to provide digital programming across multiple genres.

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