I am so delighted to be associated with the IAIB.  I am the founder and the CEO of Fusionplus Global Multimedia Ltd (aka, a 24/7 round the clock streaming and VoD platform for all.

Fusionplus is a London UK-based Internet TV that provides live and on-demand online video solutions and services for Individuals, Agencies, Corporates, Events and Sports.

Online video is constantly evolving. At Fusionplus Internet TV network, we integrate the best available technology with our own expertise to creating innovative solutions for the production, management, distribution and monetization of Live and On-Demand Online Video Streaming.

Fusionplus Internet TV’s mission is to help people find and enjoy the world’s premium Edutainment & Informative content when, where and how they want it. As we pursue this mission, we aspire to create a service that users, advertisers and content owners unabashedly love.

About The Broadcast

Today, our mission is the same as when we started out. We believe that at some point in the near future, your favorite shows will be produced by someone you know. Maybe even you.

As we move forward, we’re guided by a singular focus: To help creative professionals get their stories out of their heads and onto screens in ways that just weren’t possible a few years ago.

The beauty of storytelling with Fusionplus Internet TV is that, there really aren’t any boundaries that prevent people from touching the hearts and minds of today’s digitally driven audience.

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