About The Network

TNN RADIO is a subsidiary of BNG Marketing. Initially established as a Publishing Company, BNG organized its broadcast media indentity in early 2006 as TNN RADIO. It's formal name designation went operational in the ladder part of 2006.

TNN RADIO is the World-Wide Leader for Modern Rock / Alternative, Punk, Reggae and Ska on the internet. It provides daily music feeds and music news at TNN Radio on Facebook and Twitter. It provides its followers what is considered by many as the best Concert Calendar in Southern California. The Calendar is featured at www.tnnradio.org. TNN RADIO also provides its followers the best concert photography in the inudstry on Instagram!

The social media presence is managed by Radio Broadcast veterans Christy Carter and Christina Preiss. Reggae and Ska are featured exclusively at Save Beavis on Facebook. This page is powered by TNN Radio. This element is managed by Amber Crouch and Jaime Nicole Rocha.

The Network Flagship program airs Sundays from 2-4pm (Pacific time). The program features a LIVE broadcast airing locally at 93.5fm KXRN aka KX 935 (Laguna Beach, California) and streams 24/7 at www.kx935.com. The show is  hosted by media Veteran Jimmy Alvarez, Mike Berault aka Mike B. and Christina Preiss. Broadcast Podcasts are featured on TNN Radio - KX935 on Spreaker. 

TNN RADIO has a network of contributors that cover music industry events from Coast-to-Coast, and AROUND THE WORLD.

In addition to live music AND social media, TNN also writes concert reviews and posts music / interview videos, which are featured on the stations website, YouTube and at Slam Scene Magazine.

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