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Creator of Instapaper working on Overcast, Podcast App for iOS

  • Posted By Andrew Zarian
  • September 25, 2013

Marco Arment, the developer behind the wildly popular service Instapaper, has decided to build something new. That new thing is Overcast. A new kind of podcasting app for iOS.

Marco on Monday announced that he is currently working on a new application, called Overcast, that will attempt to replace the iOS-based podcast apps already running on Apple's platform. The reason for his new project is due to his disappointment with other podcast apps listed on iOS. 

"I like some iOS podcast apps, but I don’t love any of them. So I’m making my own. It’ll be released when it’s ready. Maybe later this year."

Arment plans to provide more Overcast details on his Twitter and Facebook page.

To get more infromation in Overcast you can go to 

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