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November 10, 2015:
Google Hangouts Gets Higher Quality Video Kills Archive content and Premium Content

  • Posted By Andrew Zarian
  • May 31, 2014

Live streaming website announced that they will be removing all archived footage from its website. will also discountine premium support in the coming months

"Over the last few months, our staff has been reviewing data surrounding our archive and VOD (Video on Demand) system. We found that more than half of our VODs are unwatched (with 0 or 1 total views), while the vast majority are rarely watched (with 10 or less views). This data was essential in better understanding how our service is being used.  Even when adding the direct upload to YouTube functionality, we found this feature was seldom used.  It’s quite clear: JTV is a home for live broadcasts.  Viewers come to because they want to consume content and interact with their communities in real-time.

So, taking into consideration the above findings and countless discussions, we have concluded to remove all archiving after June 8, 2014. This means that live broadcasts will no longer be recorded.

We understand that archiving can be a very essential element for our broadcasters. We also understand that there are some community members who enjoy catching up on a past broadcast they missed. However, as a live video website, we want to put our focus on our live video delivery system, as this has received the most usage."

JTV also stated :

 This is a system-wide change that will affect all broadcasters. Premium and Partner broadcasters will not have archiving. We are also planning to discontinue our Premium service.

We do not know what this means for the future of JTV. Last week rumors hit the web that Google was close to buying TWITCH.TV (Part of JTV)

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