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Justin.TV Announces That Its Officially Closing Up Shop

  • Posted By John Bubb
  • August 05, 2014

There are a handful of services on the web that enable you to stream live video for free. Many podcasters utilize these services to bring their content to a live audience. One such service, Justin.TV, which had helped begin the live streaming trend, announced today that it has shut down.

Justin.TV began 7 years ago as an experiment to see if it really was possible to stream someone’s life 24/7, with every minute of every day automatically archived. Justin.TV later opened it’s service up to anyone and offered the same automatic archiving, which back then was a very impressive feat.

This is by no means is a huge surprise. Earlier this year Justin.TV officially moved their business under the Twitch brand, which offers live streaming geared towards video game streamers. There has also been rumors of Google acquiring Twitch. Shutting down Justin.TV allows the company to fully focus on Twitch.

However this is not great news for those who used Justin.TV for streaming their video. The Twitch brand is only interested in video gaming content. If you stream content unrelated to video gaming, you’ll need to find another live streaming service. For those of you seeking a new place to stream your content, check out our guide to the best live streaming sites for 2014.

It’s sad to see yet another live streaming service shut down.

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