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Skype Announces “Skype TX” - Studio Grade Audio and Video

  • Posted By Andrew Zarian
  • April 07, 2014

The cries of many Internet Broadcasters and Podcasters have possibly been announced. Early Monday morning Skype announced a new version called "Skype TX" Skype TX is a studio grade software that delivers high quality audio and video output to seamlessly connect broadcast and media productions with people around the world. 

Skype TX Will be availible sometime later this year and will be demoed at this years NAB Show in Las Vegas. 

Here are more details on Skype TX:

  • Studio Grade – Skype TX is designed and optimized for professional studio environments.
  • Powerful – Seamlessly adds full-frame Skype video and audio via SDI.
  • Responsive – User experience is optimized for broadcast workflow with API integration and call management.
  • Quality – A single, integrated production grade system to deliver professional audio and video calls. Skype video feeds processed into broadcast formats:
  • Free of audio/visual distractions such as call notifications and ads.
  1. HD-SDI Video output/input
  2. Balanced audio output/input
  3. Auto aspect ratio conversion
  • Total control – Empowers a single operator to manage multi-channel calls and create compelling, new formats with HD-SDI Skype video feeds direct to your switcher.
  • Go anywhere – Cost effective for use in studio and outside broadcast integration.
  • Reliability – Built for always-on operation in a dynamic environment, including call handling management for multiple, simultaneous Skype calls on one management interface, plus operator previews, auto fall back to still and call quality monitoring.
  • Support – Fully supported by a team of specialist Microsoft-trained broadcast technical team.
  • Access – Real-time access to people from around the world.
  • Connections – Richer programming with video connections to stars, experts and audiences.
  • Unconstrained by geography – Engineered for the most challenging Internet conditions.
  • Content without costs – Connect people via Skype free of transmission cost.

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