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Stitcher Provides Interesting User Statistics

  • Posted By Andrew Zarian
  • December 02, 2013

Stitcher the popular podcasting application has provided its ‘Podcast Partners’ some interesting statistics. Over the past few months Stitcher has gathered statistics and trending keywords that many Podcasters will find interesting. Some of this information can help podcasters know what the listeners are looking for in a podcast.

Here are some statistics Stitcher has provided its Partners


  • 10 million recommendations per day
  • Average Listenership per month is 8 hours per person
  • 48% completion rate for all shows on Stitcher
  • The Top Search Keywords are Sports, Sex, Music, News, Wrestling, Comedy, Paranormal, MMA, UFO, History, and Science.

What do you think about the information Stitcher has provided? How can it help you as a Podcaster? Let us know on the IAIB Forum.

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