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Stitcher Radio Introduces Stitcher List!

  • Posted By Andrew Zarian
  • August 06, 2012

Internet radio fans rejoice, you can now discover what the world is listening to with The Stitcher List. The first of its kind for on demand radio, The Stitcher List ranks the most popular, trending and most shared shows on Stitcher.  Discover the top ranked and most talked about shows across news, comedy, sports and more. With over 10,000 shows and programs available on Stitcher and more shows being added each day, The Stitcher List is another way to help you find what’s most relevant to you. We’re publishing multiple lists:

    Most Popular: A look at the shows with the most listeners, broken out by news, politics, comedy, sports and 14 other categories
    Most Shared: See what listeners are sharing across Twitter, Facebook or email
    Top Movers: The best of the newest shows, with a few interesting surprises each week

From the most popular radio programs to emerging new podcasts, there’s another way for listeners to discover the best of Internet radio. “Stitcher has been a great source of new listeners for us and The Stitcher List represents a new way for people to discover our great content,” said Dustin Gervais, New Media Manager at CBS Radio News. “The best part of this new tool is that listeners can see the most popular content that’s trending and being shared.” The Stitcher List will be updated on the website weekly. It will also be available in the Stitcher app in the coming months, so you can track top shows on the go.  We encourage you to check it out to discover something new. Highlights for this week’s Stitcher List include:

    Freakonomics Radio: You Eat What You Are – How American food got so bad and why it’s getting so much better
    This American Life: What Happened At Dos Erres – An amazing, heartbreaking tale around the Guatemalan civil war and a surprise 30 years later
    The Joe Rogan Experience: Stand-up comedian and former host of ‘Fear Factor’ Joe Rogan, earned this week’s most shared episodes
    The Jesse Keim Show: This week’s top mover, an “entertainment podcast for the peoples” reviews newly released films ‘Battleship’ and ‘The Dictator’



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