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Streamstar debuts new all in one streaming solution

  • Posted By Andrew Zarian
  • October 22, 2012

StreamStar has come out with a new all in one streaming solution for webcasters. The Streamstar Webcast Case is a portable, full featured, live HD/SD webcast production tool. The streamstar Webcast solution offers “high quality, extreme performance, minimal weight and the easiest operation in a compact, lightweight package”.

Unfortunitly pricing is not listed on the StreamStar website but you can contact them directly for pricing

StreamStar highlight

  •     Full featured WEBCAST production software preinstalled
  •     Cut/Crossfade/Transitions switching modes
  •     Instant replays with Slow/Fast motion playback
  •     Replays In/Out animations
  •     Graphic overlays and Inserts
  •     PIP and Split Screen layouts
  •     Video clips and complex playlists playback
  •     External signal capture over DVI with keying
  •     Built-in Streamstar Encoder
  •     Direct streaming to Internet and mobile devices
  •     Popular streaming platforms integration
  •     HD recording of the production while streaming
  •     2nd display multiview grid
  •     HDMI video out
  •     multi system PAL / NTSC
  •     Full blown audio mixer
  •     High-end desktop performance in a compact all-in-one system
  •     Built-in high resolution, touch-screen HD display
  •     Briefcase-sized compact package for easy transport
  •     Full access to all internal components for easy service and upgrades
  •     Weight: 8kg


STREAMSTAR is a company offering technology solutions and products for the streaming industry. Dedicated to innovation STREAMSTAR delivers professional tools for the new generation of media producers.

Our flagship products are the WEBCAST software application and the WEBCAST CASE portable webcasting system.
The WEBCAST line of products presents the pinnacle of several years of broadcasting equipment development, combined with experiences from many years of television broadcasting work, thousands of completed webcasts and the extensive software development expertise of our development team.

The WEBCAST system is the superb execution of a clear vision – to offer a superior production system precisely suited to the new requirements of today’s webcasting industry. It is unquestionably the most advanced and feature-richest webcasting system on the market, highly effective, tried and tested in the real world and at the same time very flexible and easy to operate.


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