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The Show Is Over For Game On

  • Posted By Staff Writer
  • April 13, 2012

TWIT.TV announced that the podcast gaming show Game On aired its final episode on April 8th.  Game On was a podcast about assorted gaming topics and although it showed a strong audience, averaging about 27,000 an episode, it did not achieve the needed 50,000 viewers that would ensure a profitable addition to’s broadcast lineup.

Leo Laporte, founder of, stated that it was not the content of the show, but merely the profitability. After the announcement was released through Twitter, Laporte answered fan questions discussing the show’s cancellation. The lack of revenue on Game On created a $100,000 loss for, Leo Laporte stated, necessitating its termination.  For a small and relatively new company, this loss represents a substantial portion of its income.

Each episode of Game On lasted around forty-five minutes, a substantial length for an Internet broadcast. The hosts, Veronica Belmont and Brian Brushwood, were certainly not faulted for the show’s end and are still considered strong talent in the online world. Game on was a mix video game commentary and previews, along with guest appearances by many industry heroes, including the creators of the recent game hit Draw Something. Utilizing industry know-how, gaming tips and humor, the show’s end brought complaints from many fans, but Laporte considers it the most prudent move for

Every Internet broadcast (or netcast, as called on has twelve weeks to establish viewership and after twelve episodes, Laporte announced the thirteenth would be its last.  When considering the reasons for the show’s failure, Laporte thought that lack of promotion led to a low level of viewers, along with a lack of originality. Since many Internet broadcasts already center on the gaming industry, Game On did not have anything to stand out from this top-heavy market.  The final guest on the show was Al Lowe, the creator of the Leisure Suit Larry series, a tongue-in-cheek adventure series about a 40-something lounge lizard.

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