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7 Common Mistakes Podcasters Are Making

  • By Andrew Zarian
  • Monday March 23, 2015
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As podcasting continues to grow, the competition grows with it. A few years ago when I started podcasting, there weren't many resources available that discussed the rights and wrongs of creating a great podcast Thankfully, over the years, many resources have developed for podcasters and Internet broadcasters to learn from. Considering resources from Facebook Groups to sites like this one, it’s really easy to launch and continue creating a great podcast. With that said, even with these resources available, I am continuing to see some commonly overlooked mistakes that can be fixed rather easily. Here are seven common mistakes many podcasters are making.


Not providing an email address on their website

       Its actually shocking how many podcasters do not provide an email address or contact form on their website. Not only is it important to get viewer feedback via email, but it's also important to provide an email address for potential advertisers. I recently had a conversation with one of the more active companies, who advertise on podcasts, and they informed me that they have passed on advertising with a company because there was no way to send them an email. This simple addition to a website, is often over looked, and can make a huge difference in revenue

Not utilizing social media properly

       There is somewhat of an art to using social media properly, and it goes beyond using hashtags. The biggest mistake I see from Podcasters on social media is constant promotion. Its fine to post about your podcast but don't make that the identity of your account on Twitter or Facebook. Live discussions that have to do with the topic or genre of your podcast are a great way to engage with your followers. Unfortunately, buying followers has become popular lately and those giant jumps in numbers aren't fooling anyone, in fact it is cheapening your brand.

Only on iTunes?

Big mistake! Huge! Why put all of  your eggs in one basket. In order to grab the most viewers, you need to put your content everywhere that you possibly can.

You have a lot of options. Everything from Windows phone to Youtube. We will be compiling a new list this week of the top directories to submit your podcast to. Be sure to check it out!

 Low quality audio

“Audio is not important” and content is king - this is what many people think, but it’s far from the truth. Yes, your content has to be strong and appealing to have a successful podcast, but your audio also has to be up to par. If you download a random podcast from iTunes, chances are that you will stumble across audio is not “high quality", and it will be off putting. In 2015 there is no excuse to have low quality audio on your podcast. there are plenty of affordable solutions to give you the professional sound that you want.  

Wanting to get rich

I have been involved in the Podcasting/ Internet broadcasting community for 6 years now and the question I get asked all the time is “How do I make money?" The answer is simple. Have an audience that is willing to buy what you are advertising.Before you can start remotely thinking about making money, start building an audience. You do not need to have millions of downloads to make money. Its very possible to generate a good living with only a few thousand listeners, but those listeners have to be interested in the product or service you are advertising. Making money podcasting should be the last thing on your podcasting check list.

Not getting involved in the community

 Even though podcasting has grown tremendously over the past few years, it is still a very small community. There are plenty of great podcasting communities out there, and its members are willing to give advice. The best thing you can do is learn from the mistakes and achievements from others in the field.

Unappealing Cover Art

What is the first thing people see when they search for a podcast? The cover art. It is important to stand out. A way to do that is by having a high quality design for your cover art. There are many affordable solutions out there that don't break the bank.

These are just a few simple mistakes podcasters are making. If you have any other mistakes you have noticed or have done yourself please post it here on the IAIB Forum.


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Andrew Zarian is Founder and President of the highly successful GFQ (Guys from Queens) Network media empire . Stepping Out Magazine dubbed Andrew “The King of New Media” as he currently hosts over seven internet broadcasts and is currently reshaping how we perceive and view internet broadcasting.

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  • Jackie Hern

    Jackie Hern posted 03/23/2015 at 07:15pm UTC

    Great information.  Failing to use social media outside of twitter has always been a problem of mine:  facebook, g+, have become a chore.  Another great point is “getting rich” no one in podcasting should be in it expecting money, it should be for the love of it and for the community that you develop around your work.

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