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Best Dynamic Microphones Under 100 Dollars

  • By Andrew Zarian
  • Wednesday October 23, 2013
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Audio Broadcasting
Starting a podcast can be a difficult task. One of the most common questions we receive here at the IAIB has to do with selecting the right microphone. There are many affordable dynamic microphones on the market but which ones are the best?
Based on tests that our members have done these are the top 5 dynamic microphones under 100 dollars
The ATR2100 USB microphone is one of my personal favorites. For just under 40 dollars, this microphone gives you a lot of boom for a fraction of the cost. The ATR2100 has become a favorite of many Podcasters due to it having both USB and XLR connections. It also has an on/off switch and a headphone jack to monitor yourself.
Link : Amazon

The AT2005 Is the “Pro” version of the ATR2100. It offers the same audio quality as the ATR2100 but has an improved pop filter. This microphone gives the user the option to use either USB or XLR connections and also has the ability to monitor your own audio via a headphone jack.
Link: Amazon

3.Shure SM58
The Shure SM58 has become a legend among microphones. The top pick for many live performers, the Shure SM58 has a tailored vocal response for for singing or speech. A highly effective, built-in spherical filter minimizes wind and breath "pop" noise. A unidirectional (cardioid) pickup pattern isolates the main sound source while minimizing unwanted background noise.
Link: Amazon

4.Samson Q2U
The Samson Q2U Dynamic USB microphone is another USB and XLR combo microphone that offers high quality sound at a very low cost. Another feature of this Mic is the microphone’s on/off switch lets you control the audio to the XLR output, allowing you to perform in a live setting and record to a computer simultaneously. If you are on a budget this is a great microphone to check out.
Link: Amazon

5.AKG D5
The D5 dynamic vocal microphone delivers a powerful sound even on the noisiest stage. Its supercardioid polar pattern ensures maximum gain before feedback. The D5 also has a very crisp sound that cuts through.
Link: Amazon

Heil PR-22 
Everyone in the audio world knows the world class standard Heil sounds has set and that continues with the Heil PR-22-UT. The PR 20 brings, wide frequency range, the ability to handle +140dB SPL and -35dB of rear rejection that makes the PR 20 and PR 22 UT the answer for a wide range of professional applications.
Link: Amazon

If you have a favorite dynamic microphone under 100 dollars that we didn't feature on this list please let us know. We would love to hear why its your favorite microphone
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Andrew Zarian is Founder and President of the highly successful GFQ (Guys from Queens) Network media empire . Stepping Out Magazine dubbed Andrew “The King of New Media” as he currently hosts over seven internet broadcasts and is currently reshaping how we perceive and view internet broadcasting.

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