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Heil Pro Set 3 Stereo Headphones Review

  • By Mike Phillips
  • Monday September 03, 2012
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Audio Broadcasting

Heil Sound, makers of the awesome PR40 microphone, also makes headphones, the Pro Set 3. When you’re deciding which headphones to buy, there are several important considerations that will impact your decision:

  •                        Sound
  •                       Comfort 
  •                       Isolation
  •                      Durability

The Heil Pro Set 3s get a 5-star rating on each point. The sound is accurate and full range. (What else would you expect from the maker of the PR40?) Using mere words to accurately describe sound is challenging, so you will have to listen to these headphones and decide for yourself.

If you’re going to be wearing headphones for long periods of time, you’ll naturally want them to be comfortable. Headphones with plastic-feeling cushions can be hard to wear even after a few minutes. The Pro Set 3s are easily adjusted to fit comfortably over your ears. The replaceable cushions are soft and pliable. As soon as you put them on, you will instantly recognize these headphones as a premium product.

Open microphone environments, such as broadcast studios, require that headphones isolate and block sounds to avoid leakage. Sound escaping from your headphones and being picked up by your microphone can cause a nasty echo or a major deterioration in your sound. The Pro Set 3s provide excellent isolation by sealing securely around your ears. If you get bleed from your Pro Set 3 headphones into your mic, you’re deaf and running your headphones too loud!

The Pro Set 3 headphones are solidly built and should give many years of service. The cushions and cables are easily replaced in the field. The Pro Set 3s come with three detachable cables (straight, coiled, and iPhone compatible) that are secured with a twist-lock connector.

Headphones, in some ways, are like clothing in that you have to choose what feels right. If you’re looking for a set of headphones with extraordinary sound, take a look at the Heil Sound Pro Set 3. They’re available from professional audio dealers worldwide.

Full technical specifications are available on Heil’s website at



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Mike Phillips is formerly a radio broadcast engineer, as well as a disk jockey, sales manager, and general manager. His technical experiences include building and maintaining radio stations and transmitter sites. A production console he built for a radio station in the early eighties is still in use on a daily basis. He also has been an electrical design engineer for a manufacturing company developing analog and digital industrial transducers. His undergraduate degree is in Electrical Engineering.


  • Clint Bradford

    Clint Bradford posted 09/04/2012 at 03:29am UTC

    I have not been as pleased with a set of headphones since my Sennheiser HD-424 from 30+ years ago ... The Heil ProSet3 gives a very pleasant (and accurate) sound reproduction.

  • Andrew Zarian posted 09/04/2012 at 02:44pm UTC

    At the price of 100 dollars Im really interested to try them out

  • ZBN posted 10/11/2012 at 03:16am UTC

    Purchased and wearing them right now listening to The Eagles Farewell I DVD). Audio is amazing! Best I’ve heard in all of the headphones I’ve owned so far, including the Sony MDR-7506’s , which I’ve been using for several months. These are far superior, in my opinion.

    Light, comfortable and obviously well-built. I would have liked to ear openings to be a tad larger, but I’ve managed to adjust them to be relatively comfortable.

    Quite pleased overall. I’ll post any further comments as they come up…

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