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My Name is Brian, and I am an Internet Broadcaster

  • By Brian Baltosiewich
  • Monday August 06, 2012
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My name is Brian, and I am an Internet Broadcaster.

And while that statement feels a little like the beginning of an intervention, I love what it stands for, and I believe in what it means, and it’s the first time I have ever said it- out loud or in print.

Before this moment, I was a podcaster, but I’m throwing that word away.

For more than 20 years, I have worked in various forms of broadcasting, both television and radio (I still work in television- it’s the full-time job I do when I’m not doing my full-time job) and I have come to a realization that my broadcasting career has brought me not to a new thing, but to the next thing, the next logical step.

However you got to this point, either by choice or circumstance, you are still a broadcaster.

In fact, I would argue that your voice as an internet broadcaster is even more powerful and far-reaching than it was when you were tethered to a stick in the middle of a cornfield. You now have no limits, either physical or metaphorical, and can grow your corner of the internet into whatever you desire.

Naturally, the goal is to make money. I know that. And that’s coming. The thing is, we’re pioneers, exploring a region that no one has seen before. Today, the only viable business model for internet broadcasting is “be Adam Carolla.”

That’s going to change.

Someone is going to figure it out. It might as well be one of us.
What kinds of things are you doing to get noticed? What works for you? What doesn’t?  How do you integrate your listeners with your podcasts?

Let me know, let’s talk about it. I’ll be visible on the message boards, and you can reach me at, and we’ll cover some of what works and what doesn’t in this space as well.

And if you’re an internet broadcaster with radio experience, or you’re thinking about launching a podcast- drop me a line- I’d love to talk with you.

We’re out in front of a movement. Let’s make it happen.

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Brian Baltosiewich is the founder and Executive Producer of Radio Exiles and he has been a broadcast professional for more than 20 years. His podcast website, features professionally-produced podcasts from radio pro’s who have lost their gigs. Brian also writes a regular Internet Broadcasting column for Radio Ink. You can find that here Reach out to him at or through the twitter account @radioexiles and on Facebook at

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