Co-host and producer of Win the Web, an internet marketing podcast for social media and SEO.

I couldn't find a podcast about social media or SEO that was actually fun to listen to, so I created the podcast that I wanted to hear.

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About The Broadcast

What is Win the Web?

Win the Web is an internet marketing podcast about social media and SEO.  We are proud to be considered “surprisingly professional, yet fun to listen to.”

Why Would I Listen to the Win the Web Podcast?

Our goal is to make Win the Web one of the best free online talks shows by creating a marketing podcast that covers social media tips, SEO advice and internet marketing tips.  We won’t claim to be the best SEO podcast or that we are full of advanced SEO tips –– we would rather be the internet marketing podcast that is fun and entertaining.

Win the Web does its best to be informative while always keeping things light-hearted and easygoing.  Our archive of content is full of free social media strategies and SEO tips and we are always open to feedback at any time.

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