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  • 06 - 15 - 17 Andrew and Lou Show

    June 18, 2017

    Slamboree is done and over with. We have a tag match of Mongo and Kevin Green being formed and a 90 minute edition of Nitro before they start going to 2 hour shows. WWF had it's go home show to IYH with Bulldog and Michaels with a restraining order attached to good ol' HBK himself and there was an ECW.

  • 06 - 07 - 17 Andrew and Lou Show F. Trevor

    June 18, 2017

    We are on the final road to Slamboree...Legend of the Ring. Raw continues the Bulldog-Michaels-Diana triangle and there was a ECW show.

  • 05 - 31 - 17 A - L- T Show

    June 03, 2017

    ECW has a solid Sabu-RVD match which got us into a conversation whether Sabu would of been a star today. Raw shows us the GOLDEN casket and Nitro features Lex Luger ditching a WCW title shot? Why?