Angela Treat Lyon is the producer and host of Daring Dreamers Radio at Daring Dreamers Radio is a member of the Amazing Women of Power Radio Network at

Angela has been a Business and Marketing Success Coach and Trainer living and working in Hawaii since 2002, helping women entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, speakers and small business owners so they can zero in on their exact niche, use their unique gifts and talents to contribute with passion, and gain exposure and credibility so they can make more money, help more people and feel empowered and fulfilled.

Her unique expertise in using direct energy manipulation and vitalized visualization has made her a go-to expert for fast, permanent mindset shift, producing rapid results in business and marketing success.

Angela says “It’s Time! The old aggressive, pushy, slick, salesy paradigm is dying and keeling over! It’s time we women got together and helped create a warm, heart-centered paradigm where everyone can gather like the old marketplaces used to be. Where you can find whatever is desired in a warm, happy, supportive atmosphere without people pushing products and programs at you all day!”

She created because after her own success using EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques, to eliminate her 35-year suicidal depression her life changed utterly and she wanted to help others improve their lives as well.

Angela has had a huge variety of metaphysical, spiritual and healing training. She is an Avatar Master, is certified in Reiki, HUNA, and many other alternative healing modalities.

Check out for her books and audios on using EFT for success, relief of pain and emotional upset.

If you are a speaker who wants to speak up and make a difference in the world, you’ll find Angela’s inspiring and focused program audios about how to speak up, say it right, defeat those nasty undermining voices in your head, and end being bothered by others’ criticisms and put-downs – all at

Angela is an award-winning, internationally recognized professional painter and sculptor, and author of over 50 books and ebooks. Her oil paintings, drawings, bronze and stone sculptures are in private collections and galleries from China, Japan and the South Pacific to the US, Argentina and many places in Europe. Go to: and

About The Broadcast

I call my show Daring Dreamers Radio because it's about time to get up off your tush and get going living your dreams! Kick over what's in your way and get to it!

Want inspiration, support and resources? We've got it all for you.

I bring you the best internationally respected experts in entrepreneurship, online marketing, self-growth, health, spirituality and Quantum Physics, like The Secret Movie's Lisa Nichols, What the Bleep's Dr. Joe Dispenze, reknowned health experts Dr. Eric Pearl and Gary Null, and more.

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Daring Dreamers Radio is a member of the Amazing Women of Power Radio Network, as well.


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