I am a graduate of Cal State San Bernardino (go Coyotes!), with a BA in Biological Psychology.  I hear that makes me a great listener (At least that’s what I’m told (They could be lying…you’ll tell me if they are, right?  Right?)).  I’m a 47-year-old entrepreneur with no children, five siblings, and 25 nieces and nephews (at last count) who call her Cinderella.  I own and operate a home-based business (P.E.R. Services) as an editor and research writer as well as holding down a full-time job.

I sing, I act, I love food and music and, sometimes, I make a complete ass of myself in public.  One of my favorite things to do is listen to people talk about themselves and what they do.  I love hearing about people and finding out things about them that are different or outside of my everyday. 

Come on over to Ms. Audrey’s House and see who else comes to visit.  Kick your shoes off at the door, have a seat on the Magic Couch, and make yourself at home.  There’s coffee in the kitchen…or would you prefer tea?

About The Broadcast

Welcome to the internet radio show, "Ms. Audrey's House", on Global Hits Radio.

Ms. Audrey's House is produced and hosted by the one and only Ms. Audrey herself, live from Los Angeles, California.

Each show features regular, ordinary people coming to visit, many of whom are quite extraordinary indeed! This groundbreaking show is filled with information, laughter, love, music and light!  Everyday people provide advice, resources and uplifting information, in addition to amazing discussions and inspirational events. Why don't you come visit too? Come on in, kick your shoes off, and make yourself comfortable on the Magic Couch. There's coffee in the kitchen, and the teapot is whistling

Ms. Audrey's guests include: home-makers and hairstylists; casting directors and chefs; models and makeup artists; event planners and senior pastors; authors and animal-rights activists; book publishers and bakers; priestesses and practitioners; comedians and child care professionals… and the list goes on!

Some of Ms. Audrey’s confirmed guests include actress, comedienne, and enthusiastic trendsetter Carlease Burke! We also welcome the passionate Jimmy Palmieri of the Tweakers Project and his co-host Angie of Donkey Punch Radio!  Acting since the age of seven and co-star of LOGO Television’s “Noah’s Arc”, the incredible Doug Spearman! The multifaceted Broadway actor and author of James Baldwin: A Soul on Fire, Charles Reese!  Mimi Chen, host of Peace, Love & Sunday Mornings at 100.3 The Sound, and comedian Gerard Guillory!
We are currently booking guests for 2012. If you or someone you know would like to join Ms. Audrey on the show, please contact us at

We have a large and varied fan base in many different cities, countries and industries. This offers excellent opportunities for advertisers.  We gladly welcome individual sponsors as well as small and large business advertisers

For upcoming shows and information, please visit our official page at

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