Donovan (Don) Adkisson has been involved in technology since he was 12 when he took his first IBM apart and put it back together.  Learning DOS from reading the manual and trying each and every command to see the results, he quickly moved on to learning programming in the form of BASIC and Pascal.
He spent his early 20s working for an interconnect company, building computers, designing and implementing networks (back when 10BASE-2 was just coming around), installing and configuring key systems and PBXs as well as alarm systems.
He shied away from technology for a couple of years, putting his efforts into learning about quality systems, ISO9000 and QS9001 certifications.  It wasn’t long, however, before he had the bug again and he wound up working for a young cable broadband system which was one of a handful of municipal cable systems in Georgia at the time.  There he also took on the responsibility of implementing an ATM network tying all of the City’s buildings together, along with providing VoIP communications over the same infrastructure.  Starting as the Network Manager, he eventually became General Manager of the cable broadband system and MIS Director of the City’s IT department.
In July 2012, he left his post as General Manager of Plant TiftNet.  Previously, in June 2011, he started Adkisson Enterprises, LLC for the benefit of running his online network, Anairo Media.  In July 2012, he added Anairo Technologies, a network consulting and computer maintenance division, to his company’s umbrella.  Currently he spends his time split between Anairo Media, Anairo Technologies and writing books.

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