About The Network

Hello Everyone!

Just to introduce ourselves, we are GeekGamer.TV, an online internet content destination that is for the "Gamer and Geek". Everything from the world of technology and gaming, with an authentic and organic passion.

We started as a small tech podcast called "Hoser Chat" back in 2005. Purely casual, funny and entertaining, what started as a small little show, blossomed into a full content destination.

We focus on the niche. The topics that are commonly overlooked or not shared with any bias. We give true authentic feel from a geek and a gamers perspective.

We focus on community. We are about our fellow geeks, gamers, friends and strangers. People who aren't afraid to say they are a geek or a gamer.

We focus on quality. Solid audio and video. So you don't have to strain to get the information you want. From any source you want. And if there is a source we don't offer? Let us know and we will make it happen!

We offer both audio and video versions of our content. Our shows are offered on iTunes, Zune, YouTube and various other places. You can watch us on your Boxee Box, Roku, Google TV, XBOX 360 and of course PC.

Most shows that we do also have a live component. You can join our chat and watch us make fun of ourselves! 

We are very proud to be a member of this community, and whether you are doing this full time as a primary career, or casually, we understand that it's all about community, doing it for fun and keeping it a passion.

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