About The Network

Our Mission

HeadStepper Media is a digital production company that specializes in the creation of audio and video content for Web and mobile platforms. We guide our clients through the process of producing, promoting and distributing programming to internal and external audiences — content that is engaging, entertaining and educational. Whether you have a weekly podcast, a daily show, or an audio or web-video project that needs to reach a global audience, we have scalable solutions that will work for you.

Our Podcasts

Harnessing the energy and vibe of New York City, HeadStepper’s podcasts feature pop culture entertainment spanning all interests, from sports and technology to personal advice. Our shows, led by the geek-culture audio magazine Pop Tech Jam, hosted by J.D. Biersdorfer and Pedro Rafael Rosado, include the no-holds-barred Robles & Rosado, with the Emmy Award-winning Mike Robles, and the feisty and funny About Men Radio. Headstepper, whose programming is featured on outlets that include iTunes and Stitcher Radio, is developing a range of new content that will be available soon. For more information, or to inquire about joining our lineup, contact us at podcasts@headstepper,com.