Creative Internet Broadcast sermonizer, Online Broadcast host 22 year music Vet  Creative executive at  and

I have worked in the music Industry full time for over twenty three years 

I love  Basketball I'm a die hard Orlando Magic fan! It's very painful! I love the Florida Gators Football team and Basketball team. Love watching Podcasts. I'm recovering artist lost in the creative motion of dreaming big.

I also host my online show called The Jeff Adams Show

About The Broadcast

Jeff hits forty and looks back at his struggles and successes and needs creativity back in his life.  Jeff has a lot of problems.


As a middle-aged Hipsters producer, Jeff wants to encourage  and provide valuable advice to young creatives.


Each week Jeff   will provide insight for creatives and open the lines for callers. The program is neither caller or guest driven, but open to both. A tight, inspirational and fun sixty minutes is the goal.

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