Josh “Colm” Coleman started podcasting in January of 2005 and soon his show, “The Colmination,” was in the Top 10 of podcast alley.  After 3 years of hosting the show Colm moved on to the Wicked Pissa Podcast which focused on gaming.  From there he founded the website and acted as the creative director for the site as well as podcast host.  Finally, in September of 2010, Colm brought his talents to the T4 Show as its permanent cohost as well as editor in chief of

About The Broadcast

The 1st episode of the T4 Show (Tech Today Tech Tomorrow) aired in January 2007. From its inception, the goal was an exciting one ..... cover the world of technology in a fun, casual and easy to understand manner. Since 2007, the brand has steadily grown via, the YouTube Channel, live network and, especially our loyal community.
Gamer? Business user? Comic lover? Apple fanboy? Fitness Fanatic? We’ve got you covered.

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