I am the General Manager of a new internet radio station that reached an international audience within the first 30 days of launch with virutally no promotion. I have spent various years in and out of traditional broadcasting. As great as it was to be in radio, I found that there was virtually no creative freedom. After taking a break from radio all together, I've decided to combine my passion for the Blues and vocation in radio and make it into something great! 

Outside of broadcasting I have worked for various Fortune 500 companies, learning from the ground up how businesses really work. While I've spent many years doing what many would consider "grunt work", it has provided me rich knowledge of the do's and dont's of operating a business.

I am the President and Owner of Heflin Media Works. Our breakout project is the Blues In The Burg radio station. Looking ahead, we are hopeful to get involved in other aspects of media and build upon the successes we have already had.  

About The Broadcast

We are a new Blues radio station on We promote American history at it’s finest, and seek to provide a fun and creative alternative to today’s popular music. Collectively, we have more than ten years experience in terrestrial broadcasting, but we are eager to take our career to the next level.

Our mission is simple. Bring this often overlooked genre to the forefront. Maintain the integrity of the music, while providing fun and energetic entertainment to people all over the world. Open doors for new and upcoming artists, while celebrating the legends who created a vessel for what is now Rock, Rap, Hip-Hop, and Pop. We look forward to building relationships, providing fun content, and honoring those who came before us.