Nick Manic is the ring leader of this six ring circus of lost causes. He is the Dean Martin to Philthy's sometimes too much Jerry Lewis. With no “real” radio experience, Nick set out to prove you don't need experience to do anything these days. 

Armed with beer and an extremely loud voice, Manic recruited that piece of Jew Royalty they call Philthy, and the dysfunctional duo was born.

Now the time has come for the show to take the world by storm. Cause lets face it Dean Martin without Jerry is just a drunk, and Jerry without Dean is just annoying.

About The Broadcast

Red Black Dead Radio is a comedy talk radio show and podcast based out of Raleigh, NC that strives with every show to break down the boundaries of censorship and common decency as well as expose the world to the vast musical talent based out of the racist South. You may be offended, you will laugh.


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