About OVS Media

OVS Media is a Stakeholder Broadcasting managed services provider that works with government, associations and commercial clients to reach their stakeholders with high-quality, live video streams. To ensure optimal engagement, our services include captioning, social media integration, searchable text and convenient archiving.

Many of our clients come to us in search of a new way of communicating; we call this new model Stakeholder Broadcasting. It is distinct from published videos in that it is the live presentation of meetings and conversations used to connect with constituencies and stakeholders in real time. It also provides searchable content and archives for after the event access. This model facilitates better connection and broader reach of content and conversations that, in the past, were experienced only by those with the time and money to travel to physically attend a meeting, lecture or event.

Why Choose OVS Media?

OVS Media is an early pioneer in the field of Stakeholder Broadcasting. We have a deep familiarity with the need for public agencies and associations to demonstrate openness and transparency to key audiences.

With more than 162,000 hours of live, streaming webcasts under our belt, we are proud to say that we are experts in the production, management and delivery of digital media collections, one-time live events and ongoing Internet broadcasting.


Case Studies

The Solution in Action

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) awarded OVS Media one of the first multi-year, federal webcasting contracts in history because the company’s Open Government Platform™ provided superior dependability, flexibility for last-minute webcasts, security compliance and significant savings over conventional webcasting services. Through a secure, dedicated Internet connection to Open iMeida’s proprietary content delivery network, NRC’s proceedings were effectively distributed to its stakeholder audiences around the globe. Call or e-mail OVS Media for more info. 

Read more: http://www.onlinevideoservice.com/Solutions/Case-Study-NRC.pdf

U.S. Department of Transportation

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of Pipeline Safety needed to engage stakeholders from around the United States in a series of local public meetings at a variety of venues in major cities. OVS Media’s Event Webcasting division had the solution.

Read more: http://www.onlinevideoservice.com/Solutions/Case-Study-USDOT.pdf

Areas of Expertise


We Meet Your Full Range of Needs

OVS Media offers end-to-end coordination and implementation of the Stakeholder Broadcasting process to governmental entities, associations and corporations. We can handle all logistics of your event – video production, custom branded webpage, live encoding, real-time captioning, social media integration and archiving – to ensure your content is successfully delivered to online audiences.

Our seasoned webcasting teams cost-effectively and professionally manage your webcast from start to finish:

  • Content acquisition on site, via satellite, over the phone or from any prerecorded tape, DVD or other format – live or pre-recorded
  • Branding of a web-based user interface to match your web presence
  • Seamless integration of presentation slides
  • Securing Internet connectivity from your event venue, by utilizing existing bandwidth or arranging transmission via satellite
  • Delivery of your webcast in any major format: Windows Media, Flash, RealMedia and QuickTime
  • High-quality distribution to up to thousands of simultaneous users via our content delivery network
  • Detailed tracking and reporting on your audience
  • Optional modules for registration, surveys, social media applications or Audience Response Systems

There are hardware and software components involved in each of these steps. OVS Media is one of the few companies in the country with experience in delivering an end-to-end managed service for organizations that want to make this connection with their stakeholders.