STREAMSTAR is the manufacturer of highest quality, innovative software and hardware solutions for the video industry, that enable users to easily produce and stream professional, live multi-camera video productions.

All Streamstar products include a powerful all camera replays and slow motion system. Major live sports production companies are using Streamstar systems to produce live streaming coverage of international tournaments like

  • UEFA Champions League
  • EHL - Euro Hockey League
  • Commonwealth Cricket Championships 
  • Lega Pro - Italian Football League
  • Homeless World Cup 
  • KHL - Continental Hockey League
  • SEHA Handball League

... to name a few.

Streamstar SW

An advanced, innovative and versatile live production and streaming software, which enables users to easily produce and stream professional, live, multi-camera video productions. Broad range of productivity features, unmatched speed and the revolutionary, intuitive, touch screen user interface allow for a remakable speed and ease of operation.

Streamstar KIT

Easy-to-use and the most affordable live production and streaming solution.
If you own a quality PC system expand it’s capabilities and turn it into a HDMI multi-camera, live TV studio! Streamstar KIT | HDMI - is an easy to install software and HDMI inputs capture card package that is the best and the most affordable streaming solution on the market. In a few minutes You will be streaming broadcast quality, live video right from your own PC. Fully loaded Streamstar live production and streaming software with Instant Replays and Slow Motion playback on all cameras is included.

Streamstar CASE

A full-featured, multi-camera streaming production studio in one compact and portable package. Its range of features like Replays and Slow Motion on all cameras, Monetizing System, comprehensive Media Playlists, top quality video processing and the unmatched reliability track record make it the best choice in portable production system available. Superb graphics capabilities and the intuitive, touch screen user interface allow for incredible flexibility, greatest creative freedom and remarkable ease of use.