For 23 years controversial celebrity journalist (and sometime gossip reporter) Chaunce Hayden has found a way to anger just about every publicist and celebrity in Hollywood. Yet, after nearly two decades and over 2000 interviews, Hayden continues to make headlines as well as create them with his knack for getting celebrities to chat with him about the things few dare to ask.

A frequent Page Six bold face name himself and editor of free give-a-way, Steppin Out magazine, Hayden is a one man wrecking crew. Like a cat with nine lives, he seems to bounce back time and time again after what most would consider career-ending scandals. In the mid 90s Hayden, along with Howard Stern, was sued for 8 million dollars for a shocking appearance on The Howard Stern Show, which featured the ashes of his dead girlfriend. Most recently Hayden was again dragged into court thanks to his connection to the Howard Stern Show. This time the charges centered on insider stock trading. But like the second coming of the Teflon Don, Hayden survived the media blitz that focused on the S.E.C.’s look into Hayden’s connection to Stern’s recent financial windfall. But that’s just for starters.

Hayden also made news when he hosted his own Internet radio show on the much-hyped back in 2000. The show took shock radio to new heights and yet Hayden still managed to feature some of Hollywood’s biggest stars as guests. Often the stars Hayden interviews feel betrayed by the way he promotes his cover story interviews to the tabloids. Time and time again, Hayden’s interviews make the gossip pages as if he secretly worked for them. But the fact is, the 43-year-old reporter is as good a publicists as he is a scribe.
Some of Hayden’s career highlights include being threatened by Victoria Gotti after her interview with Hayden made headlines.

Other’s include:

1. Saturday Night Live’s Jim Bruer being fired soon after talking to Hayden and trashing his fellow cast mates.
2. Brooke Shields mom refused to ever let Hayden talk to her daughter again after his interview with Brooke was picked up by the Daily News.. Hayden moonlighted as a gossip reporter for the paper at the time.
3. Tyra Banks refusing to ever talk to Hayden again after his interview with Tyra made the headline of Page Six thanks to her hatred for Christmas.
4. BWR’s power publicist Matt Labov once sent out a mass email to warn that Hayden sold his taped interview of one of his clients to the TV show “Hot Copy”.
5. Hayden is forever banned from the strip club Scores after writing a screen play about what really goes on in the celebrity packed club.
6. John Stamos refuses to ever talk to Hayden again.
7. Howard Stern will no longer allow Hayden on his show because of the unwanted attention of the SEC investigation.
8. Roseanne threatened to sue Hayden after he broke the 3some scandal between her than husband Tom Arnold and their assistant.
9. A junior publicist at Rogers and Cowan sent a mass email to every employee of the company severely scolding Hayden for not interviewing one of her clients.
10. Somehow Hayden even ended up in the middle of the recent Brad Pitt/April Florio scandal!

The list of trouble Hayden has gotten into is endless. Yet, he has managed to kiss and make up with some publicist and celebrities.. While others have never forgiven Hayden for being more trouble then help for their A list clients.

Today, Chaunce makes his living as editor in chief of Metropolis Nights magazine and once again hosts his own show on the You can watch his show live, every Wednesday evening at 6pm (est) from the Sapphire Gentleman’s Club in NYC.