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November 10, 2015:
Google Hangouts Gets Higher Quality Video

About Us

The International Association of Internet Broadcasters(IAIB) is the principal voluntary trade organization representing the interests of Internet broadcast professionals throughout the world. Considered the most prominent and effective voice of internet broadcasting, the IAIB was founded in direct response to the growing sentiment that this powerful broadcast medium was in need of appropriate representation. The International Association of Internet Broadcasters not only represents independent and corporate broadcasters, but welcomes equipment suppliers and providers of other services to the Internet Broadcasting Industry.

The IAIB provides educational resources, representation, and networking opportunities to Internet broadcast professionals, and to all those interested in participating and learning more about this fastly emerging broadcast medium.

The IAIB  is dedicated to:

* Promoting professional customs and practices in the best interests of Internet Broadcasters and to the public they serve.

*Promoting the art and business of Internet Broadcasting.

*Preserving and encouraging the highest integrity and ethics among Internet Broadcast professionals

*Fostering fellowship and open communication among Internet Broadcast Professionals for the purposes of sharing their knowledge and advancing the field.

The International Association Of Internet Broadcasters is the the foremost source of information, education and advocacy for the Internet Broadcasting Industry.

About the Community

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    Discussion Forum

    Sharing Ideas and Information

    Browse through various topics ranging from broadcasting equiptment discussion to online distribution.  The online message forum enables you to connect with other likeminded individuals to learn and share information in this rapidly emerging broadcasting medium.

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    Member Directory

    Create your profile

    Whether you’re looking to build your professional brand or simply gain widespread exposure for your broadcast, creating an IAIB membership profile allows industry insiders, advertisers and fans to learn more about what you do.

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    Industry Providers

    Industry Professionals Looking to Connect With IAIB Broadcasting Members

    There is a lot more to online broadcasting than just turning on the mic and hitting the record button. A great team of professionals can really help you get your broadcast where you want it to be. The IAIB industry providers have skills in many fields including graphic design, programming, web development, sound engineering and more.