I have been broadcasting online since February 2003. I started my first podcast called GeekCore along with my good friend Dave Pung. It was a 2 hour show about anything and everything geek. Dave, Anni and myself all ran a website called, which was a website devoted to reviewing technology and gadgets. We wanted to add something special to the site so we figured why not a podcast? That podcast would start a LONG road and many years of online content that I would set out to create.

I have had the privilege to do some pretty amazing things in my time as a broadcaster. I have hosted shows with live remote correspondents for companies like GameStop, Blizzard Entertainment and the NW Pinball Show in Seattle Washington for my podcast network! On that network was a show called The VideoGame Mafia which to date was my biggest show I have ever done. That show was broadcasted to 50,000 people a week on a few Portland area FM radio stations, VGM was even mentioned on episode 702 of The Tech Guy with Leo Laporte, along with 200,000+ downloads a week, it ran for almost 45 episodes before the plug was pulled.

I have worked on some local AM and FM stations in the state I currently reside in Oklahoma. Nothing compares to the freedom and the amazing people and community you can have from a online broadcast. I have worked on many shows, many networks and websites and I will forever hold those memories in my heart, for I am, A Online Broadcaster!

About The Broadcast

The Anything and Everything Gaming Podcast! Every Saturday night @ 8pm CST we cover the latest Gaming News, Technology, Software and just about anything that deals with GAMING! 

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