Have been working as a software developer for more than 8 years in various roles, and many different businesses, and feels home with the web platform and service oriented environments.

Worked in Microsoft in multiple teams including Microsoft AdCenter, Windows Azure Active Directory.

Currently working as Sr. Software Engineer in Microsoft in Redmond, WA, USA

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Weekly Podcast discussing the Egyptian IT industry, and various other technology related topics.

The show is a technical show that is talking about programming & software development, and how to adopt best practices and share experiences between the Egyptian developers community members

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  • EP52 - AskDeveloper Podcast - MOOCs

    July 08, 2017

    - Quick history○ Distance learning ○ Open educational resource movement ○ MOOC coined in 2008 by Dave Cormier ○ Khan Academy, P2PU, and Udemy ○ Udemy has tools for pros to create courses and publish (also attracting corporate trainers to create courses for enterprises) ○ Udacity growing out of Stanford CS courses by Sebastian Thrun ○ Coursera growing out of Stanford's Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller ○ MITx launched by MIT in response to commercialization of MOOC, then joined by Harvard and renamed edX - Cost ○ Content is free ○ edX offers certificate for 100$ for most courses ○ Coursera have some quizzes and grading exercises only for paying students ○ Udacity has nano-degrees with projects reviewed only for paying students - Interdisciplinary learning ○ Importance ○ Examples - For credit leaning ○ Georgia Tech masters 2013 with Udacity ○ edX have MicroMasters which offers for credit courses and earn 25% credit of on campus masters § RIT cybersecurity § University of Pennsylvania Robotics § British Columbia Software Development § Boston University Digital Leadership § MIT Supply Chain Management § University System of Maryland Cloud Computing § Columbia Business Analytics, AI § San Diego Data Science § Michigan UX Research and Design § Others ○ Coursera masters with § Illinois MBA, Accounting and CS (Data Science) HEC (innovation and entrepreneurship) بعض الروابط التي ذكرت في الحلقة كورسات كلية الحاسبات و المعلومات جامعة حلوان Our facebook Page On Sound Cloud Please Like & Subscribe

  • EP51 - Software Craftsmanship

    April 12, 2017

    من هو المبرمج الصنايعي من هو المبرمج المهندس الموضوع مش بالشهادات سؤال الفرق بين المبرمج والمهندس الألقاب تأثير الثانوية العامة علي ترتيب الوظائف في البرمجة المهندس الكويس مش شرط يكون حرفي كويس علاقة المهن في البرمجة بالوظائف الإدراية سؤال "أنا ما أعرفش أي حاجة، وعايز أدخل المجال" سواء أخدت شهادة أو ما أخدتش شهادة، إيه هي الحاجات اللي المفروض أتعلمها؟

  • AskDeveloper Podcast - 50 - Content Distribution

    April 06, 2017

    - Follow up on Encryption episode (Google blocking Symantec certs)○ Sep 2015 incident (Thawte issuing a cert without authorization. Attributed to employee error and resolved by termination § Oct 2015 Symantec disclosed 23 test certs issued without owners knowledge, more certs uncovered by Certificate Transparency logs, symantec extended the audit and found additional 164 certs, and 2458 certs issued for domains never registered § Jan 19 2017, Mozilla reported more misuse!msg/ § Mar 23, 2017, google posts a report of 30,000 bad certs from symantec, proposing a gradual plan to distrust symantec till actions taken to ensure trust!topic/blink-dev/eUAKwjihhBs%5B1-25%5D Extended validation vs. Domain validation certs (mostly technically identical -EV may use stronger enc- but different registration process with different UX presented by browsers -green bar-) • How the Television age reflected a scarcity of communication channels. • How the Internet created an abundance of communication channels. • Creators and audience choose platforms based on cost, ease of use and unified user experience, not because “that’s where everybody is”. • Once made a choice, users don’t switch to another similar platform even if it’s marginally better. • Vimeo vs YouTube. Google+ vs Facebook. • Control of personal data or openness isn’t a deciding factor for most users. • User data and attention is the main product for content distributors. • The software offered by content distributors is fairly simple. • Most of the engineering effort of these companies is going in scaling for a billion users and into mining the data provided by those users. • The main components of content distribution: • Producing content • Serving content • Consuming content • Rating • Comments and discussion • Reviewing • Discovery, subscription, and notification • Saving, bookmarking, and organizing Ads