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New Media Expo 2015 Co-Located With The NAB Show

  • Posted By Staff Writer
  • August 13, 2014

The location of the 2015 New Media expo has been announced on its offical website. Rick Calvert, CEO and founder of New Media Expo announced that the 2015 New Media Expo will be Co-Located with the NAB Show at the Las Vegas Convention center, April 13th - 16th. 

Rick stated the following in his blog post: 

"I promise you if you join me at NMX and NAB Show next April 13 – 16 it will open your eyes to what the New Media Revolution can be. You will see what I have been dreaming about, some would say preaching about, and working tirelessly towards for the last eight years.

Podcasters want to see the latest microphones, recording equipment, editing software, sound proofing, and other studio gear when they come NMX.

Web TV creators want to see the latest cameras, mics, video editing software, CDN networks, lighting, booms, tri-pods, cables and every other imaginable tool you can think of to make their content better when they come to NMX."

This is huge news for anyone involved in Internet Broadcasting and Podcasting. What do you think of the announcement. Let us know on the IAIB Forum. 

Source: NMX Blog
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