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Bambuser Adds Restrictions To Free Streaming

  • Posted By Andrew Zarian
  • October 02, 2013

Late last week Bambuser users receive a newsletter informing them of the new streaming restrictions that the company would be implementing.

"Starting September 27, 2013, we will restrict broadcasting via standalone RTMP-broadcasting applications. Our Flash-based web broadcaster will still be available for everyone. Using standalone broadcasting applications for RTMP streaming will be available only for Premium users.
As a part of our pledge to support freedom of speech around the globe, we continue to grant selected citizen journalists a complimentary upgrade to our Premium services. To apply, please send an email to
 , describing your use case and why you'd like to be considered for an upgrade."

Bambuser has also explained why the sudden change to its service :

"Due to widespread misuse of our free service by non-profit organizations such as sport clubs, radio stations and churches, we've been forced to become more strict and enforce our terms of use, by locking down the professional features to the Premium solutions."

The ability to stream via a stand alone application like Wirecast, Vidblaster, and Flash Media Encoder will be only available for Premium Users. Premium Packages start at around 99 dollars per month. 

Example of the Premium Pricing 


About Bambuser

Bambuser is a simple-to-use live video streaming service that allows users to quickly and easily capture, share and watch live video broadcast from mobile phones or computers. Bambuser also enables instant sharing to the world's favorite social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many more

Founded in Sweden in 2007, we’re now a team of 13 ninjas at our offices in Stockholm (HQ) and Turku, Finland.

Our mission is to provide people and organisations with the most enjoyable and effective experience to interact and share moments with the world through real-time video.

The Bambuser service is offered for free to charity organisations as well as end-users that are using the service for personal use. For any other use case, Bambuser offers a variety of Premium services.

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