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Vidblaster Releases Version 2.27

  • Posted By Andrew Zarian
  • November 05, 2012

Early this morning Vidblaster released version 2.27. This new release brings a long list of new features and bug fixes. Some features include future HD Optimization, H.264 support, and Video Replay Module III.




New in this release:

    Added Replay Controller module, part of Video Replay III (Pro+ only).
    Added Replay Source module, part of Video Replay III (Pro+ only).
    Streamer: added support for H.264.
    Added fix for a potential CPU core serialization problem, resulting in smoother video.
    TCP Server: Command apiwrite's value parameter supports escaping (API).
    New artwork.
    Translator: empty menu caption translation makes it invisible.
    Video Effect: added loop prevention.
    Diagnostics: fixed bug in module creation.
    RTSP/RTMP In: fixed error message.
    Fixed bug in API's apiwrite ,,[png].
    Powerpoint: fixed black frame bug.

    Replay Controller: added popup menu entry Delete Clip.
    Translator: load pre-translated file from exe directory if present (OEM versions).
    Streamer: fixed bug, video codec now properly saved.
    Fixes some problems with registration & activation.
    Streamer: fixed bug in Info dialog's "stream to".

    RTSP/RTMP In: added support for Buffering.
    Replay Controller: added speed pin.
    Fixed potential audio problem (applies to Audio Player, MPEG Recorder & RTSP/RTMP In modules).
    Fixed problem causing activation keys to break spontaneously.

    Improved stability.
    Fixed bug in audio functions (applies to MPEG Recorder).
    Registration: accepts expired product keys for activation.

    RTSP/RTMP In: added option to disable buffering.
    Player & MPEG-2 Player: transition setting properly restored.
    MPEG-2 Player: position no longer reset when starting player.
    Streamer: fixed bug, stream quality mono/stereo setting properly restored.
    MPEG-2 Player: fixed bug in positioning.Improved stability.


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