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November 10, 2015:
Google Hangouts Gets Higher Quality Video


February 2013

  • Top Free Video Streaming Sites for Internet Broadcasters

    As internet broadcasting continues to grow more and more internet broadcasters are interested in broadcasting their content live. Broadcasting live allows you to connect with your viewership in real time, along with creating a live interactive community that is based around your show.

  • Top 5 IOS Podcasting Apps 2013

    Much like the Google Play store, the IOS app store has some amazing podcasting apps. The only difference is that Apple has its own stand-alone app that many of us are used to. How can an app compete with Apple? Design, functionality, and ease of use. We have selected our top 5 non-Apple podcasting apps for IOS to make it easy for you.

  • No More Skype Ducking

    Almost every Internet broadcaster uses Skype to connect with guests for a show. Using Skype can be frustrating because it is a half-duplex service, meaning that only one person can talk at a time. This is how you can eliminate ducking in Skype.